Send & Receive Fax using Email Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy the convenience and security of Faxing via Email.
No new hardware or another mobile app to install.
Digitise your Fax today!

Why Flexifax?

Improve your work flow today with Flexifax.
Digitise your Fax now!

Send and receive fax from your email anywhere, anytime

No hardware investments

There is no need to purchase another piece of hardware to get Flexifax to work.

No App to install

Flexifax just works with your nomal email app. There is no additional mobile app to install to send and receive Fax.

Go Green

With Flexifax, fax have gone paperless. You will easily reduced the amount of papers used versus your conventional fax machine.

Privacy & Security

For Enterprise Fax Plan, Flexifax provides users who wants the extra level of privacy and security by deploying your Fax server on a private server.

How Does incoming Fax Works?

1. Setup

After signup, you will be assigned an Australia Dedicated Fax Number.

2. Give Out Your Fax Number

Use your New Australia Fax Number for letterhead, business card email signature. Let your your associates or correspondence know your new Fax Number.

3 Receive Fax

When a new Fax comes in, the fax will email to your assigned email address as a PDF file. 

How Does Outgoing Fax Works?

1. Setup

After signup, your assigned email will be setup as the authorised email to send fax for your Flexifax account.

2. Create Fax

Create the fax you will like to send in your email client according to the format in the Flexifax Welcome Mail. Supported Fax attachments that can be send as part of the Fax are PDF or TIF files.

3. Send Fax

Send the Fax out like how you will email to a correspondent and the recipient will receive your fax in their fax machine.

Flexifax Plans

i-Fax Receive

$16.95 $12.95 / month
  • No Setup Fee
  • Dedicated Australia Fax Number
  • 1000 Pages Incoming Fax
  • Received Fax in your Email
  • 1 Authorised Fax User

i-Fax Enterprise

Contact Us
  • No Setup Fee
  • Dedicated Australia Fax Number
  • Unlimited Incoming Fax
  • Customised Outgoing Fax to Australia Fax Number
  • Send & Received Fax in your Email
  • Unlimited Authorised Fax User
  • Enhanced Privacy & Security - Private Organisation Access Only

Who uses Flexifax?

Many industries which have been using a traditional Fax machine have moved to Flexifax and have found that it have improved their efficiency and workflow. 

medical industry, flexifax
Medical Industry
finance industry, flexifax
Finance Industry
legal industry, Flexifax
Legal Industry

Trusted by Businesses & Professionals

2,394 Ratings
Google Reviews
"With the transition to fax via email, we have improved our workflow and efficency when transmitting medical information. "
Dr Phillip Wong
Medical Specialist
"The legal industry is still makes use of fax as the preferred method to send and receive legal documents. Flexifax services greatly streamline the way we handle all our documents. "
Richard R
Legal Industry
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Jonathan Doe
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